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Indoor gardening can be a rewarding experience for plant enthusiasts. To enhance the growth of your plants, it’s crucial to invest in the right lighting solutions. Our range of led grow lights includes a variety of options, from standard bulbs to advanced led light fixtures. We understand the importance of providing optimal conditions for your plants to thrive, and that’s why our selection includes top-notch Commercial grow lights.


Ready to transform your indoor garden? Browse our selection today and illuminate your plants with the best in class. Your thriving garden awaits – shop now!

Spectrum Matters

Light spectrum is an extremely important aspect of growing any plant. Studies have shown that different parts of the light spectrum can alter plant morphology, yield, and potency. his fixture can be used for both veg and flower, providing lighting needs during the entire cycle.

The Best Home Grow Light On The Market

The Pisces is the latest low-bay fixture release from FOHSE. This fixed-spectrum LED has a 5-year warranty and is IP65-rated against water intrusion and foreign materials. FOHSE has married affordability with the benefits of a balanced spectrum designed for a trusted long lasting LED fixture.

Lensing Technology

Many LEDs leave the diode exposed to increase light intensity, but in turn leave the diode exposed to the external environment. The Pisces features polycarbonate lensing technology, further distributing light into your plant canopy. This higher light intensity to lower flower sites typically results in greater yield and quality

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